Love Sand Cat Litter 10L Jasmine Scent

$ 2.500

Features and functions:

1. Water absorption and durability are extremely strong, thereby reducing consumption.

2. The odor absorption effect is very good, and the smell is fresh and natural to give small animals a dry and fresh environment.

3. No dust, it is not easy to stick to the cat and the floor, and it will not be harmful to the cat’s respiratory tract.

4. Environmental protection, the raw material is natural bentonite ore, which will not pollute the environment.

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LOVE SAND spherical bentonite cat litter is a brand of cat litter under Emily Pets. It uses bentonite ingredients and is produced by high temperature sterilization. It is natural, environmentally friendly and non-irritating. The super water absorption and deodorization ability allows you to say goodbye to the difficult cat toilet problem instantly, and also gives you a fresh, natural, dry and comfortable cat raising environment.