Supa Clean 1L

BHD 13.200



Supa clean Contains anti-microbial agents which have been effective against different corona-viruses, we cannot and do not claim that this product does kill Covid-19 but eveidence suggests it could. Disinfect your dog kennel, surfaces, utensils & more with supa clean, A powerful ready to use spray for cleaning all surfaces, door handles etc,,contains Benzyl ammonium chloride identified by the european cebtre for disease control as being effective against coronaviruses.Spray onto Surface, leave for one minute and wipe off, Supa clean is an extremly economical detergent. A light spraying with Supa clean will make removal of heavy dirt deposits easy, with much less scrubbing and brushing, The best dilution rate is 1:200

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1L, 2.5L, 5L