Veterinary Center

My Pets Veterinary Center

Our highly experienced team of professional Veterinarians specialised in diseases diagnosis and treatment, surgical procedures, Food Nutrition, and breeding.

Rest assured, we are ready to take on any challenge that you may face with your pets!

The below services are provided at My Pets Veterinary Clinic:

  1. Large and small animals Farm Consultancy and Basic Treatment for: Horses, Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Dogs, Cattle
  2. Pet Wellness Consultancy and Basic Treatment for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Exotic Animals.
  3. Diseases prevention i.e. Vaccinations and deworming
  4. Veterinary Ophthalmology Examination and Treatment: Eye Staining Test, Cherry Eye Pocketing/Removal, Glaucoma/Corneal Ulceration Treatment
  5. Major and minor soft tissue surgeries in the well-equipped operation room.
  6. Controlling the animal population by Spaying and castration in dogs & Cats i.e. collaborating with different rescue groups e.g. Bahrain Rescues, BARC & Bahrain stray for neutering projects.
  7. Hospitalization / Intensive Care Unit Services: *Medical Boarding Facility *Isolation Boarding Facility
  8. Cardiac and Respiratory Diagnosis and Treatment
  9. Gastrointestinal Diagnosis and Treatment
  10. Urinary Diagnosis and Treatment.
  11. Home/Ambulatory Services Emergency Services, Pick-up, and Drop-off ServicesWe also accept House Calls

Meet Our Veterinarian

Dr. Ammara Fiaz

Education: Doctor of veterinary medicine, MPhil Livestock Management (cont.)

Experience: 11 Years

License No: VC-0024

Dr. Nina Jeanette

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Experience: 8 Years
License No: VC-0025

Meet Our Staffs

Ramzy Salah Adam

Position: Supervisor services

Education: Degree of Bachelor of science (Honors) in Veterinary Medicine

Experience: 5 Years

Responsibility: Allinternal clinic services and hygiene protocols

Christle G Alvizo

Position: Veterinary Technician

Education: Bachelorof science in veterinary technology

Experience: 4 Years

Glenn Cuyno campo

Position: Veterinary Technician

Education: Bachelor of science in veterinary technology

Experience: 4 Year