Veterinary Laboratory

My Pets Veterinary Laboratory

We have a fully equipped vet lab station. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic machines, modern microscopes, and other accessory laboratory machines. Complete hematology and biochemistry blood profile results are ready in 20 minutes, while other reliable rapid tests for the most common infectious diseases (parvovirus, Ehrlichia, felv/fiv) can provide us with results in 8-10 minutes.

Our in-house testing laboratory can perform a series of the following tests to ensure proper diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition.

  1. CBC (Complete Blood Counts)
  2. Blood chemistry panels
  3. Urinalysis & Kidney Panels
  4. Faecal exam and floatation tests
  5. Heartworm detection
  6. Skin and ear cytology
  7. FIV/FeLV Testing/Canine Vaccine-check

In addition to testing for the disease in an unwell patient, we also offer diagnostic blood tests before your pet receives an anesthetic to ensure that we identify any unknown problems, to check the kidney and liver functions before the induction of anesthesia, and to help us ensure the anesthetic is as safe as possible.