Veterinary Pharmacy

My Pets Veterinary Pharmacy

Our products are sourced from highly-rated trusted brands from across the globe. The vast array of products ranges from affordable generic brands to higher-end niche products.

Our pharmacists are qualified professionals whom have you covered with useful information and sound advice on medication for all pets and farm animals, such as sheep, goats, horses, camels, poultry, cattle, exotic animals, rodents, dogs, cats, birds, and fish amongst others.

The veterinary pharmacy provides online purchasing of medicines and delivery also at your place.

Meet Our Veterinary Pharmacist

Dr. Badria Amer

Education: Bachelor degree in veterinary medicine, Master of business administration

Experience: 15 years

License No: VPH-0046

Dr.Ahmed Zayan

Education: Bachelor degree in veterinary medicine.

Experience: 10 years

License No: VPH-0053